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We'd love for you to join us in fellowship in person and online.

The necessary links will be posted here.



Doors Open


Morning Worship



Message Recap




Tuesday night Bible Study



Thriving Live @ Five

5 points

5 minutes

5 pm FB Live @ambassadorswalkingbyfaith

Be The Change


We are looking to sponsor a family each month by assisting those that are in need of a helping hand and spiritual encouragement through ministry counseling and available resources.

Clothed In Fine Linen


Donations of gently used or new garments and shoes are being accepted to build our community walk in closet.

Drop off Days are Monday and Saturday. A designated bin will be available for after hours


Our Up & Coming evnets will be updated here.

Soul Food Saturday's Fundraiser

Aunt Edna's Soul Food Saturdays are meant to feed the soul! Enjoy home style cooking from the heart to help feed the community. A portion of the proceeds will be used to fund our outreach ministries.

Community Youth Night

A safe, fun environment for kids under 17 from around Stedman can come and have access to the internet for homework/ Paper writing purposes and to get assistance with study strategies, or to just have a quiet space to reset and reflect.

Church fundraiser

Help ensure we can continue to be a strong part of the community.

From bake sales to yard sales... We are here to help propel our community utilizing the funds raised to acquire the resources and goods necessary to continue to do so.

Vision Board Workshop

A place to manifest your dreams and aspirations for your life, business, and spiritual well being! Let's Write the vision and make it plain:

It’s time to shift into a new gear. Your board will inspire you to realize your dreams and goals on a daily basis keeping Christ at the center of it all.

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